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January 25, 2004


The Observer

An interesting and novel insight

Womens Health Natural Beauty

One of the most frightening things a person can hear is "you have
cancer". This is because we may have friends or family members
who have suffered and died from this terrible disease. We may
also know people who have contracted cancer and survived, but we
also know the price some of them paid in chemotherapy induced
illness and hair loss, in physical disfigurement from surgery,
or in side effects from radiation treatments

To make good decisions, you must first have good information.
To reduce the chance of developing a cancer it is practical that
you know of what causes it. You must know how you can minimize
your potential exposure and how you can support your body's
natural abilities to protect itself from cancer. The first step
will be to expose a few myths

• MYTH #1:

We are winning the battle with cancer, and survival rates are
much better today than in the past.


Cancer has become AN EPIDEMIC... effecting massive numbers of
people in all social and economic groups. It is now the 2nd
leading cause of death in three quarters of the world. The
American Cancer Society says that 1 in 2 of all men and 1 in 3
of all women in our country today will develop some form of
cancer in their lifetime. This is a massive increase over the 1
person in 80 who contracted cancer 100 years ago.

This year, about 1,200,000 new cancer cases will be diagnosed in
the USA alone, with hundreds of thousands more in the UK and in
Australia and other Western countries. When added to the
millions who already have cancer, the anticipated loss of life
easily exceeds 1,000,000 per year. (Over 1,500 people in the
U.S. alone die every day from cancer.)

Although small improvements have occurred in treating some
cancers, the overall rate of recovery for cancer patients has
changed very little over the past 50 years. The average cancer
survival rate was about 50% in 1950, and it is still about 50%
today. For African-Americans, the survival rate in 1950 was
under 40%, and it also remains about the same today.

• MYTH #2:

Chemotherapy is very effective in treating cancer and in saving
the lives of cancer victims.


Chemotherapy consists of a mixture of highly toxic drugs which
are given the patient in a series of treatments over a period of
time. Research shows that chemotherapy can often cause a partial
or even complete shrinkage of a tumour, although this shrinkage
does not necessarily prolong expected survival.

In fact, studies have found that the cancer often returns even
more aggressively than before, because the chemotherapy has
created more resistant cells. In addition, a strongly negative
side effect of chemo is that it can severely damage the body's
immune system as well as the kidneys and liver. Some patients
will die from these complications alone. It is often a case of
the cure being far more serious and deadly then the disease.

internal medicine emr

Whoa, it's so sad that if the numbers are added to the millions who already have cancer, the anticipated loss of life
easily exceeds 1,000,000 per year.


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