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March 17, 2004


tony kiniry

"Even highly accomplished and famous people experience depression from time to time. Television journalist Mike wallace, President Abraham Lincoln, British Prime Winston Churchill, and award-winning author William Styron are just a few well-know people who have battled depression" The Depression Helpbook. add Beethoven,Dickens,Eugene O'Neill, Virginia Wolf and Patty Duke....(lotta drunks in this group!)


The post was not to denigrate the heroic efforts of those who have overcome depression or of the tragedy of those who are not able to be helped. It was rather an attempt to impute the depressive air of the man to perhaps some unresolved major conflict that he must be brutally honest about to begin to transcend. I am not his physician and cannot give a formal diagnosis but still do not feel comfortable with the man in the worlds most important job.

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