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May 16, 2004



autograph amanda


Dearest Derek,
no matter what anyone says, you will forever and a day be my #1. You are a perfect 10 in every regard. You are charitable, loving, generous, kind to a fault. I will always love you. Yours truely after all these years. You know who who.


I love you. I see you everyday and night, but I still miss you. Can't get you out of my mind, not that I'd ever want to. You are just the most perfect man I have had the honor of being with. You are my life, my love, my inspiration, my miracle. Even when I am in excruciating physical or emotional pain you ease it. You make life sweet, and I no longer feel as if life is a wretched existance. You make me feel alive, complete, and loved unequivically. I would die for you. I cry for you. I need you. Love, your wife. Ps. I am working on so many projects. My room looks like hurricane Andrew hit it!!! I got a lighthouse today. It reminds me of you and Alex in Seattle. I closed some pretty good deals today. I have completed about 7 paintings now. I made you some presants I can't wait to give you. I have been asked to participate in the Tempe Art Walk. Hopefully soon Scottsdale will be calling. I am exhausted. I sleep with your picture every night. I hug my pillow wishing it was you by my side. I am writing a comedy about Amber's bad behavior. You will love it. It is hysterical!!! I am going to write one bout Michael too! He is so precious. You'll love him to tears. He's so much fun. I wish Amber knew about us. The secrecy is driving me up the frigen wall. I want to make love to you so bad it hurts. It seems like an eternity. I will love you forever and always. I cherish you like a gem or one of my artifacts. You are truely one of a kind and I am beyond blessed that you are mine. I refer to you as my Derek. The past is the past. It will probably always hurt as I had to sit back and watch you with all those subpar hoes. All of them wanted some "thing" out of you. All I want is you. Your love and to have many children with you. So please my love, my best friend, help me expedite this thing so we can be together. I am at the end of my rope. You know I'm a little toughie, but for cryin out loud D, enough is enough. Yours forever, your loving wife! Hugs, kisses, and all that rated x stuff I can't say now. Miss you, need you, want you love you. love you. love you.

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